Sony PS4 Pro is undoubtedly one of the most powerful game consoles available today but its performance can also be increased, hence finding and installing the best ssd for Sony PS4 Pro is essential. It will make the device work faster and as many game producers taking it into account more and more games are no released with the view to this fact. Here that will be explained what things will have to be considered and what criteria will have to be used to select the right ssd for PS4Pro.


Selection of SSD for Sony PS4 pro differs slightly compare to the process that is used for ordinary PCs and Macs. First of all it has to be understood what it is done for and how it works. Any device including PS4 Pro has a hard drive or HHD where information is read from. An SSD stands for the additional solid state drive, which works simultaneously along with HHD. An ordinary HHD has a needle like component, which reads the data from HHD. In the other hand, SSD has different way of how information is read as it is consisted of different blocks. The information is read instantly, which enables the unit work much faster and more efficiently. Consequentially, this is one of the easiest and cost efficient ways to increase performance of PS4 Pro. Here is how it has to be chosen:

  • SSD for PS4 Pro is generally varies on the basis of its performance, which is measured by its reading and writing capabilities. The maximum of 400Mb per second in writing and 300 Mb per second reading figures are common. It could be a little bit higher or lower depended on the type of SSD for Sony PS4 pro is purchased. Depended on the performance price differs too, so choose one that comes right in accordance with your budget and performance.
  • Something that manufacture declares does not always reflected in the reality as real performance will have to be calculated and found out. When a particular model of SSD for Sony PS4 pro is selected, please make the internet engine search to find references and feedbacks that will state the real world performance of SSD. Also, there are plenty of feedbacks and screen shots can be found on the Amazon referring to real performance figures. In most of the cases, it will be approximately 30% less to what producer declares. Therefore, if it is matched, it will be the most accurate indication of real world performance of SSD.
  • The type of SSD memory is crucial. Generally, it is defined in two types: multi-level cell (MLC) and single-level cell (SLC). MLC is clearly better for PS4 Pro because of multiple cells the information is stored on each cell, which ensures better performance. SLC is the opposite and not error free, hence it might occur pretty often but it is much cheaper to buy. Therefore, it is all about compromise of what to choose.
  • Error correcting code is the other thing that buyers will have to look at. It comes with every SSD memory types for Sony PS4 Pro. If you opt for purchase of single memory cell type, then error correcting code will disallow for errors to occur. This is a very efficient way of switching to a purchase of a budget component and minimizing the risks of interruptions and errors to take place.
  • When choosing the best ssd for Sony PS4 Pro always remember that every SSD uses serial ATA interface or SATA. SATA has different generations and therefore has different performance figure. It is defined like this: SATA 1 – 1.5 Gbps, SATA 2 – 3.0 Gbps, and SATA 3 – 6 Gbps. Not every game will be compatible to the latest SATA generations. Therefore, if you mostly play older games then opting for the first and second generation will be ideal. Game producers no adopting new games releases to third generation of SATA, hence if you are about to play the most modern games, then third generation will be better.
  • The final aspect of selection criteria is what brand will have to be chosen. This technology of instant increase in PS4 Pro performance is relatively new and there are quite a few newcomers on the market. Read the feedbacks for each product carefully, so that you are not going to be disappointed by reliability and general performance issues. You can also rely on our list of the best buys, which can provide an accurate picture of what can be purchased.


SAMSUNG 850 EVO 500GB Good and Bad


The Good

  • Windows ten / eight / seven /Vista SP one and raised ( thirty two / sixty four bit), Widows slave two thousand and eight ( thirty two / sixty four bit), Linux adaptable
  • Included Contents: two ” ( seven mm) SATA III ( six GB/s) SSD & User Manual (All more Cables, Screws, Brackets Not Included)
  • inconceivable subsequent Read/note work : Up to five hundreds forty MB/s and five hundreds twenty MB/s commonly, and indiscriminate Read/note IOPS work : Up to ninety eight K and ninety K commonly

The Bad



  • V three hundreds SATA three two ( seven mm height) with connection
  • Interface : SATA Rev. three ( six Gb/s) – with backward rapport to SATA Rev. two



  • Highest-condition item and construction from the # one mind company
  • apprehension-free data bond with AES two hundreds fifty six -bit full-disk encryption
  • No heartrending share mode no hard ride spin ups, no crash and remarkable data security
  • An original lightweight scheme that grant you to work nimble and play deep.
  • subsequent Read agility five hundreds forty MB / subsequent note agility five hundreds twenty MB / irregular Read agility ninety seven K / irregular note agility sixty six K



  • The nature’s early purchaser SSD mechanized by Samsung V-NAND automation, excellent for Hardcore PC Gamers, Heavy PC purchaser, work efficient
  • eventual subsequent Read/create achievement : Up to five hundreds fifty MB/s and five hundreds twenty MB/s commonly, and arbitrary Read/create IOPS achievement : Up to one hundred K and ninety K commonly
  • act, soundness, stamina capability, and production-prominent ten -year finite certificate
  • Included Contents: two ” ( seven mm) SATA III ( six GB/s) SSD & User Manual (All new Cables, Screws, Brackets Not Included).
  • Free load of Samsung Data movement and virtuoso operating handy for easy installation and SSD board. The eight hundreds fifty PRO’s state of the art guarantee observe with the TCG&deal; Opal v two classic and is adaptable with the Microsoft® eDrive IEEE® one thousand and six hundreds sixty seven pact.
  • Windows ten / eight / seven /Vista SP one and raised ( thirty two / sixty four bit), Windows assistant two thousand and eight ( thirty two / sixty four bit), Linux appropriate.



  • two -inch ( seven mm) Form ingredient, SATA six Gb/s, two hundreds fifty six GB size
  • subsequent Read five hundreds fifty MB/s, subsequent tell three hundreds thirty MB/s
  • indiscriminate Read eighty five , zero IOPS, indiscriminate scrawl seventy , zero IOPS
  • AES two hundreds fifty six -bit Encryption, appropriate With Microsoft eDrive
  • MTFF one trillion Hours, Helps To lower packing term



  • life changing act: definitely rapid than a hard run
  • approximately rapid boot life
  • subsequent Read: five hundreds MB/s | subsequent record: two hundreds fifty MB/s | four KB unplanned Read: seventy two , zero IOPS
  • abundant depot: usable in space up to terabyte-class
  • enter top-matched hardware encryption automation



  • two hundreds fifty six GB SATA six GB/sec



  • three D NAND SATA SSD for size up to two TB with reinforce accuracy.
  • An effective potential draw up to twenty five % lower than past generations of WD Blue SSD.
  • IntelliSeek: Calculates optimum seek speeds to lower function utilization, commotion and pulse.
  • Data LifeGuard: progressive design auditor your tour regularly so it stays in optimum health.


When it comes to choosing the best ssd for Sony PS4, please always take the above mentioned choosing criteria into account. The component will be the most efficient and cost effective way of increasing your PS4 pro console’s performance and general characteristics. It has to be chosen wisely and you should clearly understand what are you up to, exactly what you want as well as that the purchase comes right in accordance with your budget!