The 8 Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves Under $100

If you are in the market for a new slow pitch softball glove, you are in luck. In this blog post, we will be discussing 8 of the best slow pitch softball gloves that you can purchase for under $100. We have included a variety of different gloves to fit all budgets and playing styles. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, we have something for you! Keep reading to learn more about each glove and find the perfect one for your needs. 

Louisville Slugger TPS Left Handed

First up in the list of the 8 Best Slow Pitch Softball Gloves under $100. Coming in at just under $100 is the go to, must have glove for any LEFT HANDED PLAYER. 

Louisville Slugger’s TPS Series Slow Pitch Softball Glove is designed for maximum performance; its high-end, top shelf leather construction requires no break-in period.
The glove features a massive 14.00-inch size, a dual post web, and a conventional open back design.
High-quality leather laces provide better shape and pocket retention, while the dual cinch strap ensures a snug fit for all hand sizes.
This model works best in the outfield but may be used by infielders as well.

Louisville Slugger TPS Benefits

Top Shelf Leather

Louisville Slugger is a name synonymous with baseball and softball gloves. They use only the finest top shelf leather for a long lasting comfortable glove. 

* We strongly recommend using a quality leather conditioner such as Sarna on your Louisville Slugger TPS softball glove. 

Dual Post Web

The double post web is primarily a pitcher’s glove, but can be used in the infield occasionally. Made of horizontal and vertical strips of leather woven together, the double post web also offers flexibility and visibility.

Deep Pocket

In general, infielders prefer a shallow pocket, while outfielders opt for a deep pocket.

Dual Cinch Strap

The dual cinch strap helps keep the glove snug and provides a better custom fit for your hand.

Conventional Open Back

Flexibility of a traditional open back design. 

Amazon Customer
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I purchased this glove because my daughter had borrowed and lost my college glove. I didn't want to spend hundreds for dollars for a new glove because I won't be using it as much as I did many years ago. I needed a leather glove that wasn't stiff and easier to break in. This glove fit those needs for me.
Amazon Customer
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It took a while to break in, however it a strong glove, good pocket.
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Had to have it Steamed just to use it. I only play 1 night a week so break in has been lengthy. After the glove steaming it worked well. Seems real durable. A well made glove took a star off due to break in period.
Slick Bundy
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Currently using this in a couple softball leagues I play in and it’s great. Glove is good for both infield and outfield. I alternate between 3rd base, 2nd base and left center field and it gets the job done. May take an extra practice or two to full break in but I definitely recommend it.

Mizuno Premier Slow Pitch

Mizuno Premier Slow pitch is designed specifically for slow pitch softball.  Offering a durable, full grain leather shell that is game-ready and easy to close. Available in multiple different sizes, left or right handed and configurations.  

Mizuno Premier Slow Pitch Benefits

Butter Soft Full Grain Leather Palm Liner

The butter soft palm liner is made of full grain leather making it easier to open and close. 

* We strongly recommend using Mizuno Strong Oil Glove Condition on your Mizuno Premier glove. 

Pigskin Back

Using a pigskin back for a long lasting glove with increased durability. 

Power Locking Wrist Strap

The Power Locking Wrist Strap secures the glove to your hand.  

Multiple Configurations

Customize your Mizuno Premier Slow Pitch softball glove to your exact specifications. Multiple sizes available. Available in both right handed and left handed. Choose between closed or open web for your position or playing style. 

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The genuine smell of leather! Great quality and fits perfect. Still trying to break in the glove but that’s expected with all gloves. Worth every penny.
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I was happy to find this glove on Amazon, since they're getting harder and harder to find. I don't think they're produced any longer. The glove is great and works well and is quite pliable, even though it's brand new. This is my second Premier glove and I absolutely love them.
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Great glove for adult or child with larger hands. I purchased this glove for my 12 yr old daughter. She plays fastpitch and is a pitcher. I’m aware a smaller glove is recommended for infield use, but it can also mean a lot of missed balls if the glove is too small. I ordered the 12.5, because I wanted the glove to be big enough to grow into. She’s moving up from a 11. The leather is soft and really thick. The glove is heavy. It should hold up for a very long time. She got 5 years use from her youth mizuno prospect and we plan to hand down to my other daughter for more use. We’ve purchased other brands and mizuno gloves are the best for kids. The break in process is very easy. I would say 90 percent of her team has this brand
Bruce Rave
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I'm an outfielder and found that this large glove is great for ground balls and also does the job on flies. It took awhile to break it in, longer than I expected, but I'm really happy with it.

Rawlings Player Preferred

Rawlings Player Preferred Gloves are designed for recreational players of various age and skill levels, the Player Preferred glove series features quality, full grain oiled leather shells for easy and quick break in along with all-leather laces for durability and strength. With popular patterns and styling, the Player Preferred series seamlessly covers baseball, softball, and recreational leagues.

Rawlings Player Preferred Benefits

Full Grain Leather

With the soft, flexible shell and lining materials, catching is made easy with the Player Preferred Glove series. 

Game Ready Feel

An 80% factory break-in means the glove is game-ready right out of the box and requires little player break-in!

* We strongly recommend using a quality leather conditioner such as Rawlings Game Ready Break-In Kit on your Rawlings Player Preferred softball glove. 

Zero Shock Palm Padding

Various models in this series will feature either a padded adjustable wrist strap or a pull strap with ZeroShock sting reduction technology that allows every player to create a customized fit around their wrist and hand that is most comfortable.

Open Web or Closed Web Options

Choose between Basket Web or Pro-H Web to better fit your position and playing style. 

Richard J.
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I really liked this glove when I first saw it. It looked very well made. Unfortunately, my average-sized adult male hand would barely squeeze in it. It was so tight that I couldn’t even close the glove, so I had to send it back. Don’t buy this unless you have really small hands!
David J. Marder
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Bit tight around the fingers and stiff, but I loosened strings and oiled it twice and now it's a 10 of 10.
Amazon Customer
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The description said it was 80% broke in. That is not accurate. The glove is very stiff and requires a lot of breakin.
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The quality seems comparable to the high dollar gloves. Hardly needs any additional breaking in and is very comfortable. I also like the look of the dark leather.

Mizuno Franchise Left Handed

Mizuno Franchise Slow pitch is designed specifically for slow pitch softball. Pre-oiled java leather maintains durability and provides a soft, game-ready feel.

Mizuno Franchise Slow Pitch Benefits

HiLo Lacing

Alternating lace pattern retains the integrity of a fully laced web with greater flexibility. 

* We strongly recommend using Mizuno Strong Oil Glove Condition on your Mizuno Franchise Slow Pitch Softball glove. 

Imported Java Leather

Imported Java Leather that has been pre oiled and tumbled to help with faster break in period. 

Amazon Customer
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I have been using this glove twice a week for about 6 months now and I am very happy with it. None of the stitching has started to come loose, there is no flaking on the interior or exterior, it developed a good pocket and has stayed fairly stiff reaching out on the fingers. The quality of this glove makes me think it should be worth $150 but it's only half that price. Highly recommend
Keith Cunningham
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We play on a local church softball team and I misplaced my glove at the end of last season. This is my first Mizuno glove and it is definitely well thought out. The strap on the wrist makes it a custom fit as I have longer fingers and a skinnier wrist. This is much nicer than the Wilson glove it replaced.

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Easton Prime Slow Pitch

Easton’s all-new Prime Slow Pitch Series features softball specific patterns designed with a wider heel and more pocket depth.

Easton Prime Slow Pitch Benefits

Softball Specific Pattern

Slow Pitch Softball specific pattern. With a wider heel and more pocket depth.

Game Ready Oil Tanned Leather Palm

Pre oiled tanned leather palm for a softer feel and faster break in. 

* We strongly recommend using a quality leather conditioner such as Sarna on your Easton Prime softball glove. 

Ideal Slow Pitch Softball Pocket Depth

The super soft palm lining enhances grip and control, and the softball specific patterns are designed for the ideal pocket depth and impact durability.

Repositioned Pinkie Loop

The re-positioned pinkie loop also allows for two fingers in the pinkie stall.

Multiple Sizes Available

Choose between 12.5″, 13″ and 14″. Ideal for players with larger hands. Left handed and right handed also available. 

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Got this to play catch with my daughter. Fits well for her and was able to adjust to her hand. The cup was a bit stiff, but rolled it in the grass and dirt and oiled it up to break the glove in. Seems to work well for her and hope to get another 1-2 more seasons until my son can start using the glove.
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Pros: Pro Fit Open Back On-The_fly Adjustable Custom Fit Game Ready Oil-Tanned Durable Cons: Stiff Break In Period
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This is a solid entry level glove. It's good quality and solid construction. Yes, it's stiff and takes some break in time. It also runs a bit small, at least for us.
Drew Ross
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This glove is really well made, looks great, and eventually performs great. But as a couple of other reviewers have stated, it is not easy to break in. It arrives very stiff and you have to oil it thoroughly and work it out before you begin competing with it. Also, it runs very small. My daughter uses it and loves it now that we worked it into shape. But if I wanted to use it, I would be out of luck. I can barely get my hand into it. I do have slightly large hands, but nothing over the top. So unless you have smaller hands, I would look for a different model. If it was a bit larger or adjustable and wasn't so tough to break in, I would give it 5 stars easily.

Wilson A360 Adult Slow Pitch

One of the most versatile offerings in the Wilson slow pitch lineup, the A360 model allows you to play all over the diamond. The best overall value in the list coming in at just under $50. It’s designed with a Closed V-Laced Web and an easy-to-adjust Velcro fit and our all-new CarbonLite Shell helps keep this glove light and easy to control, no matter what position you’re holding down. 13″,14″ and 15″ Inch Models. Closed V-Laced Web.Velcro design for easy in-game adjustments. Black/Grey leather in a timeless look. CarbonLite Shell helps reduce the weight without sacrificing durability

Wilson A360 Benefits

Three Sizes Available

Available in 13″, 14″ and 15″. Only right handed available. 

Imported Leather

Soft imported leather. This glove will still require a break in period. 

* We strongly recommend using a quality leather conditioner such as Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner on your Wilson A360 softball glove. 

Carbonlite Shell

Carbonlite shell to reduce weight without sacrificing durability. 

Dual Post Web

Dual post with double bar web to help secure those pop fly balls. 

Velcro Strap

Easy adjustable on the fly velcro strap. 

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good quality for buying online. just needs to be broken in
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I bought this to play catch with my little brothers boys. I have large hands so it fits well, and is soft, so breaking it in wont be bad.
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I like this glove. I just wish it came down farther on the palm of my hand. Tried the jet size up, but still the same issue.
Wesley Matthews
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Awesome glove for the money. I didn’t give it 5 because as expected, it was a little stiff and took some effort to break in

Mizuno Techfire Hybrid Slow Pitch

Ideal for the Slow pitch Softball Player, Mizuno’s new Techfire series utilizes an innovative Hybrid Construction that combines leather and high-quality EVA foam to create a lightweight, yet stable glove that maintains its shape over time. 

Mizuno Techfire Hybrid Benefits

Hybrid Construction

Crafted with a combination of cowhide and EVA foam making Mizuno Techfire a lightweight glove while maintaining its great shape and stability in the thumb and pinky for maximum performance, while also giving the series an innovative look.

Imported Leather Palm

Imported leather palm for quality feel and durability.

* We strongly recommend using Mizuno Strong Oil Glove Condition on your Mizuno Techfire Slow Pitch Softball glove. 

Multiple Sizes and Configurations Available

The Mizuno Techfire is available in multiple sizes, left or right handed and open or closed web. At the time of writing the 13″ right hand Black H Web is discounted from $160 down to $90 on Amazon. 

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Quality is not worth the price. Entire glove flops while catching the ball in the pocket. Catch everything with two hands thinking the ball will push itself right out of the pocket if I don’t. Would be worth the price if it was $25
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Last time I bought a glove, I went to cheap with an all synthetic glove, where the ball would actually bounce out of the glove. This glove has nice shape and flexibility. I've used it a bit this year, and it has none of the problems the other glove had. I have much more confidence in the field, and for me, I think I can play any position with this glove. I play outfield, and I can snag the ball easily. Very nice glove.
Todd B
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Pros: Great construction, good feel Cons: Wrist opening a touch too small. I like to wear my batting glove with a glove to add another layer. It’s tough getting my hand in with a batting glove on.

Franklin CTZ5000

Franklin Sports’ CTZ5000 baseball glove is constructed from premium cowhide leather to play at peak performance for baseball players of all ages. The black cowhide leather is both soft and durable, making it lightweight and easy to break in while also being tough enough to use season after season. The super-soft palm lining is designed to keep your hand cool and comfortable, so you can practice and play without blisters or sweaty palms. Plus, the chrome stitching and logo treatment give this mitt a modern, professional feel so you can look and play your best. No matter what position you play, there is a CTZ5000 glove for you, so grab yours and hit the field today!

Franklin CTZ5000 Benefits

Durable Premium Cowhide

This mitt is made from genuine black cowhide leather for premium durability and performance season after season

Soft Palm Lining

Designed with a super soft palm lining for maximum comfort while you’re out in the field

Fast Break-In

The soft, flexible cowhide makes the breaking in process quick and easy to provide optimal performance right away

* We strongly recommend using Dr. Glove on your Franklin CTZ5000 Slow Pitch Softball glove. 

Multiple Configurations Available

The Franklin CTZ5000 is available in many configurations, from Black Chrome or Camel Brown color choices to Basket or H webbing. You can also choose from sizes 11.5″ I-web, 12″ Basket Web, 12.5″ H-Web, or 33.5″ catchers mitt. No matter what position you play Franklin has you covered.

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This is a great glove for the money. It’s advertised as already broken in, and I think that’s fair. The lacing is sufficiently long and stays tied. It’s a great looking glove too. My only complaint is that it is small. Order a size larger and you’ll have a nice glove that’ll last for many years
Elijah Vandever
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Glove is great - after I had it relaced. The lacing that comes with the glove tore after my first game, and you can tell it isn’t really leather either. Aside from that, very comfortable glove. Turn it from an 80$ glove to a 130$ glove with replacing the laces.
Amazon Customer
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Glove broke in really nice and really fast.
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